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A list of comments and recommendations to have a pleasant stay

Hi, welcome to Home recommendations. We hope you find all the contents of this module valuable.

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Be careful with the cat

Despite Misifu is the most friendly cat in the world and he will respect you all time... You need to know that he will respect you, but he will not respect anything on the floor... when you leave clothes, bath mat, bed blankets, or anything that is made of cloth on the floor, MIsifu will pee on it. Everything on the floor could turn Misifu propierty. :S


For a big supermarket go to:
932 09 01 36

For express supermarket supplies:
Condis Express - open 365 days
936 39 50 72

And this is also open all year:
Supercor Exprés
932 38 60 85

Extreme care with pots and pans

Please treat pans and pots with extreme care, for any reason use utensils that can scratch them. At your disposal you have silicone utensils. When washing them we also ask you to use the soft side of the sponge to prevent them from being mistreated. Thanks!


We normally separate garbage by organic and inorganic (the baskets are under the sink), paper, plastic and glass (the baskets and the glass bag are on the terrace). The street where the garbage cans are located is called Luis Antúnez, which is on the corner of our street.

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